SmartThings Home & Away

I have Samsung SmartThings automatically setting the thermostat and turning things on and off for me based on the location of my phone (and me).

Of course, it stopped working, so I needed to debug. All the other things connected to the hub were working fine.

Things That Didn’t Fix It

  • Restart my phone

  • Wipe the SmartThings app data on my phone and login again

  • Restart the SmartThings Hub

  • Check app permissions on the phone: no optimization, fine location access always on.

The Fix

  1. Open SmartThings app on the phone

  2. Menu

  3. Settings Cog

  4. Get your location from this phone

  5. Turn it off, then back on

  6. Visit my 2 location-based triggers and re-add myself as a member.

  7. Fixed!

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