JBake with MarkupTemplateEngine

03 November 2016

JBake 2.5.0 got support for the MarkupTemplateEngine, so I wanted to give it a try, since structured code will be nicer than extreme scriptlet stuff that was happening in the original Groovy template example. The stock MTE example shows off MTE templates, but it also switched to Foundation in place of Bootstrap.

I’ve been looking forward to really learning Bootstrap for work and my personal projects, so I’m not looking to switch frameworks right now, so I rebuilt my own example project with MTE and Bootstrap based on the original Groovy/Bootstrap sample I had previously used.

Hopefully, I’ll get a little feedback and the JBake people will incorporate my contribution.

Mobility Considerations

14 January 2008

I'm looking to replace my ThinkPad R40, so listening to Mobile Tech Roundup 120 gave me a moment to consider going with a super phone or something otherwise ultra-mobile instead of a notebook.

I've long liked the idea of the Nokia N95, and the MoTR people made the HTC Advantage sound pretty slick. I'd also consider anything SonyEricsson smart phone. All these phones still cost more than half of what I expect to spend on a full notebook.

The MoTR guys were talking about how they could get by on these devices to cover CES and do other work, but I realized that they really just needed media, browsing, writing, and networking. My main tasks outside of browsing are:

  1. Photo editing
  2. Coding (in Eclipse)
  3. Video editing

I unfortunately just can't do these things on a mobile platform as far as I've seen. I've been liking sitting at the dual-core desktop for photo editing, so I really look forward to a dual-core ThinkPad R61 to replace the R40.

Asus' Eee PC is intriguing, and I think I'd look into it as a network computer, but it doesn't look like it would cut it for image editing. The resolution would make Eclipse hard to use as well. I've stuggled too long on low-res displays.

No More Java Memory Tuning

19 December 2007

My days of tuning my JBoss server for a slim server environment seem to be over! RimuHosting beefed up their standard VPS plans to include lots more RAM. RAM on my plan basically doubled!

I rebooted my box (just short of an uptime record), and then removed many of the constraints on my JBoss server configs. The next JBoss server install is going to be much easier, since I'll not have to tune so much.

Reloading CSS, etc

18 September 2007

As I deployed the new version of the K-Prep site, I was having trouble getting clients to get the new versions of the CSS files. It stayed cached in the browsers.

To make sure it doesn't happen again, I've dropped a configuration into my Apache 2 server to expire CSS files immediately, and require the browser to at least ask the server if there's been an update. This doesn't make the server unnecessarily transfer the file with every request -- it returns an HTTP 304 code to indicate that the cached copy is still up-to-date. I should probably do something similar for other notoriously cached files, like scripts.

<IfModule mod_expires.c>
    ExpiresActive On
    ExpiresByType text/css A0

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