Tiniest USB Stick

13 December 2010

I made the tiniest USB drive for my car using the elago microSD card reader and a 16G microSD card—it's more of USB nub than a stick, but it's big enough to hold my entire music collection I've collected over the years. The USB port on the new Fiesta is in the middle console out in the open, so I wanted the smallest device for it, so it wouldn't be damaged.

Claire's Weekend Away

07 November 2008

Claire's headed off for her Manic Mommies cruise for the weekend, and I'm anticipating the rest of my weekend with the kids. Paige has a half day of school, so I figured I'd just take Friday off.

I figure it's an opportunity to do the stuff she wasn't jumping to do, so I'm looking for some things to do with the kids and people to join us.

Here's my loose plan so far:

Then everyone's back to school, day care, and work for Monday.

Anyone interested in joining us or have any additional ideas? More kids are obviously welcome.

FriendFeed vs Jaiku

30 June 2008

I've been looking at FriendFeed a bit this weekend. They seem to actually roll out new features, and I have a feeling that feeds may update more often.

Development is very important to me, because I get bored looking at the same old application for too long, so this thing could be interesting. Jaiku, in the meantime, hasn't seen any interesting changes in months, and feed retrieval feels slower and slower.

If I jump, and my friends don't right away, it's OK, because I've already created them as imaginary friends on FriendFeed, meaning I added them with their feeds, so I can still see them. I've also managed to hook up a few 3rd-party apps, like IMified and FF-to-go. After figuring out to ignore friend-of-friend traffic, I think I may be able to use FF-to-go without it burying me in reading.

I ultimately still want a more distributed system to do this stuff, but this thing may address the current pain points I have with Jaiku. We'll see if I stay here or not -- I always hear that ultimately, it comes down to where your friends are.

If I Implemented a new Jaiku

09 January 2008

Jaiku's getting boring, since they don't actually update anything, and now, they seem to just be letting it fall apart. Maybe I'll need to move soon.

A true Unix philosopher would find just the right tools for each part of the job and pipe them together. Is that Twitter for microblogging, and Tumblr for full aggregation of all my content? Do I care about the community that has gathered around Jaiku? Leo Laporte concludes that you just have to go where your friends are, but I think I may just be able to point my RSS reader at my friends.

The key features of Jaiku to me are:

What else is important?

I think that otherwise, I'd enhance my system with:

Those are the features that are important to me, but unfortunately, I don't actually get around to coding anymore, so I'll just have to wait for someone else to do it.

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