Answering Searches: High Load after Resume

I saw this search referrer to my weblog today: "google:swsups2 thinkpad high load resume".

Answer: The load average will always appear high after a suspend/resume cycle. To the Linux kernel, it appears that it's had most of the processes in the system waiting to execute for a very long time. That's what load average is, the average number of processes waiting to execute. Add to that the running time it takes to actually get processes swapped back into memory you can see why you'd expect crazy load averages. Of course, it recovers pretty quickly, so there's no reason to worry.

Unrelatedly, lots of people seem to be searching for information about the High Gear Axis wristwatch. As these people have read, I had 2 that were complete junk. 2 years later, I'd hope that they've improved this watch if they've continued to sell it. If you have had good experiences with the High Gear Axis, please drop me an email or a comment here. I'd love to know -- maybe I'll reconsider it when the time comes to shop for a new watch again.

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