Assigning Multimedia Keys for RhythmBox

I've long used the little page-back and page-forward buttons on my ThinkPad as multimedia keys instead of paging. The latest version of Gnome Control Center (2.18.1) on my Debian box stopped doing it properly, so I lost easy control of RhythmBox.

Thanks to some browsing, and the discussion on this bug report, I figured out that it was just a matter of mapping the keycodes to the right keysyms, so now I have this in my ~/.Xmodmap in hopes that it continues to work for me:

keycode 234 = XF86AudioPlay
keycode 236 = XF86AudioNext

Update (30 May 2007): This eventually broke again, and my best option to see it work was to drop the .Xmodmap settings and go back to letting the Gnome keyboard shortcuts do it, which seems to work again. Whatever. It's weird changes like this that make Claire not like my computers.

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