Breaking Hearts with Presence Networks

I found Groovr a bit lacking in features, so I jumped to Twitter. At that point, I had started wondering how I can pull it all back together.

Over the past weekend, one of the primary people I've been watching in Twitter, Leo Laporte, jumped ship to go to Jaiku. Besides now having Leo Laporte, Jaiku has a couple extra features over Twitter. Most interestingly, you can import feeds from other networks to aggregate everything into one place!

So...I have an account there now too. (That's 3 accounts now.) In addition to my microblog/presence there, I'm importing my feeds for Flickr, Twitter friends, weblog, and I'll probably add my feed too. This is sort of slick.

Of course, it won't take much to break the hearts of thousands again when someone comes out with the next Twitter + 1 or Jaiku + 1 service which does all this and one more thing, and we all jump again. This is a game to see who can run fastest to hang onto the crowd for that extra 10 seconds.

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