Please Don't Ruin TechTV

Doug sent me a link today to a story about Comcast negotiating to buy TechTV from current owner Paul Allen. Supposedly, they're looking into merging Comcast's currently failing offerings, G4, with the successful TechTV.

To be honest, I can only hope that Comcast shows NO loyalty to their G4 partners in Los Angeles, dumps every one of their programs, and straight out replaces it with TechTV. I've been asking Comcast for this channel for years, but I really hope that it doesn't end up to be the demise of TechTV. Anything they merge in from G4 will be wasted space in the on-air schedule. G4 is all gaming, about which I don't care. TechTV has some gaming, but it's balanced out with consumer news, science, etc.

Until we see what happens, I'll continue to enjoy the limited offerings of TechTV on demand. The recent Photoshop tips episodes of Call For Help have been quite useful.

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