Echoes Presents Ministry of Inside Things

Claire and I managed to get out for a bit without the kids. We ran to Whitaker Center to see Echoes bring Ministry of Inside Things to the stage. Orbital Decay (please excuse the link to a terrible website) opened the show.

Both bands were (almost equally) good, though the music was very mellow, and each had their Dark Side of the Moon moments, which is fine. I enjoyed the show greatly, and we got to meet John Diliberto.

Having previously accompanied me to several raves over the years, Claire expected the music to be a bit faster. There were quite a few songs that would build slowly, and there'd be a point where you expect the rest of a huge techno track to materialize (ala Orbital, which Claire and I have had the pleasure of experiencing a couple years ago), but then you realize that was the climax of the song and we're on our way back down.

After the show, we wandered out onto 2nd Street of Harrisburg to find the place crawling with people. It reminded me a bit of South Street in Philadelphia. It was great. We'll have to try to get to Harrisburg more often.

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