FireFox Adblock

I've just loaded the Adblock extension for FireFox. It's changed the way I browse, at least initially, and that's not necessarily a good thing.

My first odd feeling hit as I blocked, and it made all the Google Ads go away. I actually think Google Ads are novel, since they try to intelligently target the user, and they're minimally intrusive on most sites. If I were to put ads on any of my sites, I'd probably go with Google Ads.

In the end, though, I blocked it because I could! I may unblock that at some point. I almost never click on the ads, so I guess I'm not really robbing the sites of ad revenue by just not showing them.

Secondly, I browse differently now. I hit a site, and the first thing I do is search for ads to block, check the Adblock list to see if anything's already been blocked, then I go read the site. It's the thrill of the hunt! (I'm such a geek.)

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