I've been hearing about these little micro-blog/location applications for a while, so when I heard about them yet again on net@nite, I figured I should take a look. They specifically mentioned Twitter and Groovr. Groovr's ability to take photos and location intrigued me, so I created my own account.

I've been interested in building this sort of thing for my own use, so maybe I'll find this useful. I must say that I was pleased to see Groovr happily accepted my mobile email address instead of insisting upon sending me SMS messages directly. This allows me to interact with it using my flat-rate data plan, instead of chewing through my SMS and MMS plan. At a glance, it seems that the service may only be a month or 2 old, so I expect they'll add lots more interesting features. It may also be that the new website is only a couple months old too. I'm not sure.

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