If I Implemented a new Jaiku

Jaiku's getting boring, since they don't actually update anything, and now, they seem to just be letting it fall apart. Maybe I'll need to move soon.

A true Unix philosopher would find just the right tools for each part of the job and pipe them together. Is that Twitter for microblogging, and Tumblr for full aggregation of all my content? Do I care about the community that has gathered around Jaiku? Leo Laporte concludes that you just have to go where your friends are, but I think I may just be able to point my RSS reader at my friends.

The key features of Jaiku to me are:

  • RSS aggregation
  • Microblogging
  • Comments allowing threads to grow

What else is important?

I think that otherwise, I'd enhance my system with:

  • Configurable RSS periods
  • Unlimited post length
  • Uniform content formatting across posts and comments
  • Versatile mobile, email, and XMPP interfaces

Those are the features that are important to me, but unfortunately, I don't actually get around to coding anymore, so I'll just have to wait for someone else to do it.

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