Musical History: My Bloody Valentine

A week or so ago, I added the little playlist to my weblog here, and today it's become my new hero. I finally got back to listening to music after exhausting my extensive list of podcasts. Rhythmbox feeds my list of songs to as I play them.

I saw it pop up a link to the current Lush song to which I was listening. Surprisingly it had a little listen speaker icon, so I clicked it and it started playing a clip of the song right there on my site. Then I clicked off to see what else it had for the song, and found that others had tagged the song as shoegaze music. It's filled with lots of my favorite bands from back in the early 90's! I followed that and found a thorough history of a pioneer in this music (and another personal favorite of mine), My Bloody Valentine.

I used to just reload my site through the day to watch referrers and comments, but now I'll probably be using the list as well to educate myself about my music and explore similar sounds.

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