New Hardware on the Way

My ThinkPad has twice now started spewing hard drive errors. This is the 40G drive that IBM sent me nearly 3 years ago to replace the original drive. The third drive in this notebook will be an 80G drive from Toshiba.

While I was ordering the emergency replacement drive at NewEgg, I decided to pick up the other things I'd been wanting. This includes an IDE-to-USB adapter cable to make troubleshooting and drive migration easier when I get the new drive. I also picked up a SimpleTech 500GB NAS to replace the old Pentium 200 backup machine. That should be much quieter and power-efficient, not to mention a huge amount of storage. With the addition of an external USB drive or two, I can expand this thing well beyond a terabyte.

Finally, I stumbled upon a 20.1" widescreen LCD from Sceptre as a super-discounted open-box special, so I picked that up to replace the old CRT in the office. That should also help keep the office cooler.

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