Server Reboot for 2.6.12

Linux 2.6.12 came out, so I finally upgraded and rebooted the server after running Linux for just over 283 days. This also afforded me the opportunity to install a cheap BT848 tuner/capture card and a donated 3DFX Voodoo3.

I intend to try to setup some sort of web-controlled PVR with the BT848. I mostly want to be able to record a few network television shows for later viewing. At the slow and rocky pace, I'll get it working by the time analog video signals are replaced by digital.

The Voodoo3 moves my video processing onto the AGP bus from the PCI bus, and allows smooth playback of video and audio at the same time on the box -- I'll be able to edit video on that box nicely now. I do have an odd console issue where my console font gets slightly corrupted when I switch back to a VC from X, but a consolechars -d corrects it. Initial Google searches have been fruitless.

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