This American Life: The Sanctity of Marriage

This American Life, a weekend show on NPR, just broadcasted the most interesting show called the Sanctity of Marriage. (There's not information on the web page about it yet, but it should come soon. Streams and downloads should be available soon too.

They discussed studies trying to find and predict the important factors in happy marriages, happiness in homosexual relationships, and the gay marriage ammendment. The show ended with an intriguingly twisted story of a woman and her miserably married parents and their eventual divorce. Twice through the show, I was caught in the car waiting for a break in a segment before I could exit the car! I'll most definitely by purchasing the mp3 download of that program, so Claire can hear it.

One humor segment followed the same tone as one of my previous articles here on the subject of gay marriage.

I really wish they had their information online for this show, because I just can't begin to describe it all -- I apologize.

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