Nice, I saw this at the bottom of an unwelcome email: As a Ticketmaster user, you agree that Ticketmaster may contact you by email or other means and use and disclose the information you submit, as described in the Ticketmaster Privacy Policy.

Here, I thought they were just screwing me with their (in)convenience fees which amounted to about 20% of the ticket price! Now, they're selling my info to spammers and spamming me themselves. I swear I unclicked the little box that suggested they send me crap, but I guess it didn't take.

If only events didn't end up exclusively Ticketmaster. Cyberseats has an AWESOME system where you can click the seat you want, instead of this "maybe we'll find you seats somewhere" crap. Whitaker Center's Sunoco Theater uses this technology along with others.

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