Todd's Wedding

Todd's wedding is today! I wish him all the best.

We setup everything last night for the reception, and got back to the hotel by about 11:30pm or so. Todd needed to assemble the rest of his playlist for the reception, and we needed to pull one or 2 final songs from iTunes. Pravesh dialed up his handy work account, which was too slow to pull the latest iTunes client and music in a reasonable time. In the meantime, I fired up airsnort and found a nice wide-open wireless network from a nearby apartment, so we were on, and music collection become much simpler.

I'd like to thank the nice comcast user who probably didn't notice us. Needless to say, once there's broadband (and Excedrin for sick me), there's not much need to sleep much. Unless of course, you are Doug or Michael who didn't think there was a reason to bring a laptop. ;)

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